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Welcome to Gallery Dental Arts | Beverly Hills Dentist

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X-Ray and Cleaning.

*New patients only. Basic cleaning in absence of periodontal disease. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Limited time offer.


Why Choose Us

Dr. A.J. Boyajian and the staff of Gallery Dental Arts believe that the picture of a happy, successful individual includes good dental health. We are dedicated to helping you gain the confidence that comes from having a healthy and attractive smile.


Meet Dr. Boyajian

Highly respected for his experience and skills, Dr. Boyajian has earned a reputation as “the gentle and caring dentist.” He brings a talent for sculpting and painting into his dentistry, creating functional and effective dental restorations that are aesthetically pleasing.

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Explore our office

Our Beverly Hills cosmetic, general and holistic dentistry practice combines the art of aesthetic dentistry with the most advanced dental technology and many years of experience helping people in all walks of life achieve their best dental health.

Welcome to Gallery Dental Arts | Beverly Hills Dentist

Welcome to Gallery Dental Arts

A highly respected full-service dental practice in Beverly Hills – a town where your smile is both a pleasant greeting and a part of your professional portfolio.

Thank you for coming to our website. Please take your time exploring the site for an abundance of useful information about dental services and treatments.

  • You’ll learn about some of the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry, including cosmetic bonding, digital impressions and the highly popular Invisalign clear aligners.
  • You’ll discover the exciting world of holistic dentistry and the health benefits of biocompatible dentistry, ozone therapy and metal free dentistry.
  • You’ll realize the advantage of working with a highly trained and experienced dentist to improve the results of your general dentistry needs, such as implants, veneers, crowns, teeth whitening and gum disease.
  • And you’ll find out how we can help you with your sleep apnea, make treatments more comfortable with sedation dentistry, and use laser dentistry technology to reduce both the pain of some treatments and the time you’re in the chair.

Gallery Dental Arts offers a complete line of dental treatments.



Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is a reflection of your health and self-esteem. Cosmetic dentistry combines the oral health benefits of general and restorative dentistry with the added dimension of art to give patients the functional, beautiful smile they have dreamed of.

General Dentistry

Achieving good dental health begins with finding a respected, experienced primary dental care provider who can treat your entire family. Your oral health is vital to your total health.

Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry considers whole-body systems and how oral health and overall health are interrelated. Using more natural approaches to dental treatments can be more beneficial for long-term health and wellness.


When you choose Gallery Dental Arts for your dental health and aesthetics needs, you will receive the most efficient, effective treatments in the industry, provided in a gentle, caring manner. We will spend time with you getting to know about your desires and expectations for your dental health. We want to develop a long-term relationship with you based on trust and respect.

One of Beverly Hills’ premier cosmetic, general and holistic dentists, Dr. Boyajian invites you to call today to schedule a complimentary consultation. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

Alex Z.

“I have been going to Dr. Boyajian for about 10 years now, even though I’ve moved a bit further I have always stayed loyal because he and his staff are THAT GOOD. Not only for the standard check ups and cleaning but I recently cracked a bottom tooth and knowing that the more permanent solution was to get veneers (4 bottom teeth) I felt confident that they would look great having seen the quality of work on others. If you are going to invest in veneers, you definitely want to choose the dentist that will make sure you are 100% happy with the accessory you wear every day.”


BioCompatible Dentistry

The term “biocompatibility” refers to how well a product or material used in the mouth performs its necessary oral health function with the least adverse effects. We now know that people can be allergic or sensitive to certain metals and inorganic chemicals. Gallery Dental Arts practices biocompatible dentistry to provide safe and effective treatments.

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Invisalign is a clear plastic orthodontic appliance offered as an alternative to the metal brackets of traditional braces for people who want to keep a mature appearance as they straighten their teeth. Invisalign is perhaps the most popular alternative to braces due to their proven effectiveness. Dr. Boyajian’s patients have been very pleased with the results.

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Metal Free Dentistry

Modern cosmetic dentistry focuses on the principle of minimally invasive dentistry, which aims to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible when restoring worn or damaged teeth. Dr. Boyajian uses durable dental materials that conserve maximum tooth structure to reduce the need for future repairs.

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Dental Implants

Modern dentistry offers a highly successful way to correct the problem of missing teeth: dental implants. Dr. Boyajian has developed exceptional skills and experience in dental implants, providing more comfort and a natural-looking smile. As one of our valued patients, you could rediscover comfort and confidence when eating, speaking and smiling!

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