Digital X-Rays

Many oral conditions occur between teeth or under the gums or bones, undetectable by the human eye, and may have no early signs or symptoms. Left untreated, these conditions can create serious oral and general health problems, including loss of teeth and heart problems.

Benefits of digital x-rays

Digital x-rays are essential preventative and diagnostic tools. In their earliest stages, tooth decay, infections in the root, impacted wisdom teeth and bone loss around the tooth may cause no pain and have no visible signs. Problems between your teeth or under the edge of your fillings cannot be easily seen. Children’s mouths grow quickly, and changes such as erupting teeth, extra or missing teeth, and bone disease cannot be seen in a visual exam. The American Dental Association recommends getting a full series every three years.

Today’s digital x-ray technology for Beverly Hills patients

To protect you and your child, Gallery Dental Arts in Beverly Hills uses the most recent digital technology, which has greatly improved the safety, comfort and speed of x-rays:

  • With today’s digital equipment, exposure to radiation is reduced by 80 – 90%! In addition, we cover you with a heavy lead apron to protect your body from the radiation.
  • A wireless sensor is placed in the mouth for a pain-free image; no more biting down on those big, awkward, plastic cases of the past.
  • Images are available in seconds, eliminating the wait for film to develop and making your time in the chair much shorter.
  • Images can be enhanced to show the fine details, allowing the doctor to diagnose conditions in the very early stages.

Early detection with digital x-rays at Gallery Dental Arts in Beverly Hills can make treatment faster, much less painful and less expensive. We strive to provide the most beneficial and pleasant dental experience for you and your child.

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