Endodontics is the treatment of diseases and injuries to the dental pulp, root and surrounding tissues of the teeth. The most common endodontic treatment is a root canal.

The route to a root canal

  • A tooth that has suffered a traumatic injury or becomes cracked or decayed can cause the soft tissue (pulp) inside the root canal to become inflamed or infected.
  • Left untreated, the pain will likely increase and the tooth can become infected (an abscess).
  • To save the tooth, an endodontic root canal treatment is required to remove the infected pulp from the root canal.

Endodontic treatment plan

After reviewing a digital x-ray of your tooth, Dr. Boyajian will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and supporting bone structure and recommend a treatment plan. If an endodontic root canal treatment is required, rest assured that you will be in very capable, experienced hands: when the endodontic procedure is completed, your tooth will likely be saved and the pain gone.

Endodontic treatment to save a tooth

Endodontic treatment saves the tooth to give your mouth a natural look and functionality. With proper dental hygiene and regular checkups at Gallery Dental Arts, most teeth that have had endodontic root canal treatment can last as long as other natural teeth – often for a lifetime. Go ahead and eat the foods you love!

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