One-Day Crowns

Technology is amazing! In just one appointment, you can be measured for your crown and the crown will be made while you wait. No more gooey, sticky molds; temporary crowns coming off and leaving raw nerves exposed; and having to make two appointments just for one tooth. Instead, you”ll walk out with your perfectly fitted, custom-colored crown permanently bonded to your tooth.

How one-day crowns are created

Often referred to as “same-day crowns” or recognized by the well-known Cerec brand name , one-day crowns have become a popular alternative to the traditional two-appointment crown. Gallery Dental Arts uses the latest CAD/CAM technology to make this possible:

  • First, a camera captures a digital image of the tooth.
  • Then, a computer creates a 3-D model from which a porcelain block is crafted to create the crown, custom-colored and shaded to match your existing teeth.
  • Most one-day crown appointments take under two hours.

Skills and experience – the best combination for your crown

As with any procedure, the skill of the dentist plays an important role in what the crown looks and feels like. With Dr. Boyajian’s high level of artistic skill and many years of experience working with the equipment, he will create an aesthetically pleasing, perfectly fitting crown for a faster, easier, happy smile.

We invite you to call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Boyajian, one of Beverly Hills’ premier cosmetic, general and holistic dentists. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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