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I have been a practicing and respected holistic dentist for over 15 years.  What that really means is that I choose the most biocompatible dental materials, those that are non-toxic and, often times, metal free. Some exceptions include dental implants. Metal dental implants are still the standard of care and the Zirconia alternative, though it looks white, is still technically a metal. This is a word of caution about so-called holistic offices that offer total metal free dentistry.

Our goal is to meet your expectations of using the highest quality biocompatible materials and provide the least invasive procedures which result in bright, healthy and long-lasting teeth. We also practice the use of ozone-infused or ozonated water in our office as a way to help maintain good oral health.

Finally, we also help inform our patients by sharing how the latest information impacts their dental health. Such as, the close links between systemic health and dental health, particularly where heart disease is concerned.

Dentistry isn’t something separate from overall health; it’s part of it. I know that most people have a fear of dentistry and the pain they perceive coming with it too. But we don’t just ask our patients to put aside old fears, we meet you where you are. Sometimes that means we offer you sedation during your initial treatment, until you tell us that you’re comfortable. Other times, it’s just going a little slower and getting little victories. It’s our office, but you’re the boss!

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to provide the highest level of service.

The Development of Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dentistry is also called mercury free dentistry, homeopathic dentistry, biocompatible dentistry, biological dentistry or natural dentistry.

Recurring dental and mouth problems like sensitive teeth and bleeding gums can be the result of poor nutrition or imbalances of hormones or enzymes. In the same way, bad oral health can negatively impact the functioning of some systems and organs in the body. Research, for example, has clearly shown that the pathogens that are found in an unhealthy mouth are also found in unhealthy organs like the pancreas and even the heart.

For a conventional dentist, a filling or replacement is the iconic procedure; it’s what they do most. But the commonly used filling material for teeth, called amalgam, is made up largely of mercury, one of the most toxic (the 3rd most according to the CDC) elements on the planet. How does that really make sense?

Biocompatible dentists shun this harmful material in all their dental procedures, choosing instead to go with non-metallic composite materials and restorations made of porcelain and ceramic when fillings, crowns or other restorations are needed. This is the reason that Biological Dentists are often referred to as Mercury Free Dentists.

A note to Fearful and Anxious Patients

Because I’m a holistic dentist, my patients mental state is very important to me. The increased adrenaline levels associated with anxious patients can have as much detrimental effect on a patient as using a toxic material.

By using painless techniques, including true sleep sedation, a patient can and should remain completely at ease even during the most complex procedures.

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